On the Arsenal at Ichnya ongoing explosions

На арсенале под Ичней продолжаются взрывы

Rescuers will be able to proceed with the disaster relief after the reduction of the intensity of the explosions.

In the sixth the Arsenal of the defense Ministry near Ichnya as of 7 a.m., there are explosions of varying intensity. On Wednesday, October 10, the press service of the SSES.

During the last days of the city Ichnia and 30 nearby communities, located in 16-km zone have been evacuated more than 12 500 people. Of Central regional hospital 163 patients evacuated to hospitals of the neighboring Parafievka.

In Ichnia rescuers liquidated five fires which have arisen from-for detonations of shells.

Evacuees were placed in 18 reception centers in the areas of schools, houses of culture and other institutions Ichnya (10 points), Prilutsky (4 points), Bakhmach (2 points), Nizhyn (1 point) areas and Prilutsky (1 point).

11 evacuation points placed in 2277 people, including 256 children. In points of reception organized meals for the evacuated population, receive medical and psychological assistance.

The evacuation is in progress.

At the moment disconnected from the gas supply to the town of Ichnya and 11 settlements Ichnya district.

yesterday evening it was reported that Arsenal managed to localize the third fire.