On the asteroid Ryugu found components of water

На астероиде Рюгу нашли компоненты воды

The surface of the asteroid Ryugu

Data were obtained during the study of the surface of a celestial body by the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2.

The Japanese space probe Hayabusa-2 was discovered on the asteroid Ryugu the abundance of hydrated minerals. On Wednesday, March 20, said the Agency Kyodo.

The Agency cites a report prepared by experts of the Japan aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) and a number of leading universities in the country for the international scientific journal Science.

It is noted that the data were obtained during the study, the surface of the asteroid with the help of a spectrograph.

We will remind, in February of Hayabusa-2 made a successful landing on the surface of the Ryuga. One of the main tasks of his mission − to take on an asteroid with a diameter of 900 m soil samples, which may indicate the presence of potential components of water and organic compounds.

The Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 “fired” asteroid Ryugu

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