On the beach at Mariupol found radioactive sand

На пляже под Мариуполем нашли радиоактивный песок

Experts say that black sand is a natural phenomenon

Laboratory the centre has recommended to the city Council to conduct harrowing, or bedding contaminated stretch of beach with clean sand.

In Mariupol on the beach of the village of Sandy found radioactive sand in the area of houses from No. 68 to 76-b. About it reports a local site 0629 Friday, 8 June.

As described in the laboratory of electromagnetic fields and other physical factors of the Mariupol city Department of the Donetsk regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, at a rate of 0.26 µsv/h here dose of gamma radiation on the surface of the sand ranges from 0.44 to 2, 33 µsv/h.

“The area of land where the identified thorium-containing Sands – from 2300 to 2500 square feet On other sections of the city beaches, the level of gamma radiation is 0.13 mSv/h”, – stated in the message.

Laboratory center of this proposal to the city Council to conduct harrowing, or bedding contaminated site clean sand.

The publication notes that the mounds of black sand over several years are registered on the Sandy beach.

“This is a natural phenomenon, and it depends on the stormy weather and wind direction. This explains the fact that in different years, with areas of black Sands are identified on the shoreline along the street Bolshaya Morskaya, – noted in the laboratory.

Experts say that at the Donbass there are the so-called Azov block of the Ukrainian shield. This ancient breed in which there are dark minerals with thorium and uranium. When weathered, they disintegrate and are carried to the beach by streams of water.

Earlier it was reported that on the beaches of Mariupol and the villages of Azov region there is a mass death of birds – cormorants and gulls. The responsible authorities have not yet found out what was the cause of death for marine birds.

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