On the beach in Australia found giant teeth of ancient sharks

На пляже в Австралии нашли зубы гигантской древней акулы

A paleontologist from Australia found the teeth of ancient sharks

Inches teeth belong to the extinct predator known as Osasuna big toothed shark.

On the Australian beach was found a set of teeth of a giant prehistoric mega-sharks, which was two times more than white, according to Phys.org.

Paleontologist-a lover Philip Mullaly came across a unique artifact when walking through the countryside, Jan-JUC, located about 100 kilometers from Melbourne.

“I was walking along the beach in search of fossils, turned and saw part of the tooth in the rock,” he said. − I knew it was an important find, which you want to share with people.”

Senior curator of vertebrate paleontology of the Museum Victoria Erich Fitzgerald confirmed that inches the teeth belong to the extinct predator known as the ‘ great escosura toothed shark (angustidens Carcharocle).

He stressed that it is rare to find a few teeth of one shark.

Carcharocle angustidens inhabited the oceans of Australia about 25 million years ago, feeding on small whales and penguins. She could grow by more than nine metres in length.

Previously in South Africa paleontologists have found the remains of ancient fish-coelacanth that lived in the seas of the Earth about 360 million years ago.

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