On the border a patrol drones

На границе с Крымом появились патрульные дроны

The launch of the UAV Spectator-M

Drones Spectator-M is equipped with cameras to monitor the area up to 50 kilometers at an altitude of two thousand meters.

The administrative border between annexed Crimea and mainland Ukraine have started to patrol the Ukrainian drones Spectator-M. it is reported by the Azov-black sea regional administration of state frontier service on their istranicu in Facebook on Saturday, April 14.

It is noted that thanks to drones, the guards had the opportunity to monitor compliance with the rules of the border regime not only from earth but from the air.

Drones Spectator-M is equipped with cameras that allow you to track the parcel up to 50 kilometers at an altitude of 2 thousand meters.

The Ministry said that now drones are used on the sea area of responsibility of the Kherson border detachment and on the land admingranitse in the Crimea.

Earlier, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that Ukraine will return all of the Donbass, and then annexed Crimea.

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