On the border with Belarus detained the man with the military card of the USSR

На границе с Беларусью задержали мужчину с военным билетом СССР

The guards detained the man who tried to cross the border of Ukraine with the military card of the USSR

The man tried to cross border of Ukraine with the military card of the USSR. He was detained near the border with Belarus.

Near the village of nyzhnya Rudnya in Zhytomyr region during the inspection of the territories, the border guard Department Luchanky Zhytomyr detachment detained a man who tried to illegally cross the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. On Wednesday, September 12, informs a press-service gschs.

The man, ignoring the information signs “Attention! State border“, tried to get into neighboring Belarus.

“During the test, the man was unable to produce any documents except the military card of the USSR, and reported that place of residence he has a passport of the USSR”, – noted in Department.

The detainee said that on the territory of Belarus it was to meet close relatives. For checking this information the Ukrainian frontier guards informed Belarusian colleagues. Soon guards from the adjacent side information was received about the discovery of these entities.

As it turned out, the man is a native of the Gomel region of the Republic of Belarus. It is more than 20 years lived in Ukraine, and after certain family circumstances decided to return home. However, realizing that a Soviet document not be able to cross the border, he decided to bypass the checkpoints.

In respect of the offender compiled procedural documents.



Informed the Odessa border guards detained at the checkpoint Carabuteni a citizen of Moldova, who was on the international wanted list.

It was also reported that the staff of the Eastern regional administration of State border service of Ukraine together with employees of the National police thwarted an attempt to smuggle a group of illegal migrants from Vietnam, traveling from Russia to EU countries.


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