On the border with Crimea will build protective structures

На границе с Крымом возведут защитные сооружения

Crimea occupation authorities propose to strengthen protection of the border between the mainland and the Peninsula.

The so-called Crimean authorities intend to strengthen border security between the Russian-annexed Peninsula and mainland Ukraine. Plans to create structures in this area was announced by Russian Vice-Prime Minister of Crimea Igor Mickle on July 19 at a meeting of the Crimean border Commission.

“For Crimea, one of the priority issues is the creation of protective structures in the frontier zone. These measures will allow to increase security on the Russian-Ukrainian border. Also important is the issue of land adjacent to the road checkpoints” – quoted in the Ukraine press-service of the government of the Crimea.

It is reported that at the meeting of the boundary Commission decided during the tourism season “to increase the capacity of points on adminpraise and to increase their safety and security “for the purpose of smooth functioning of these checkpoints”.

Meanwhile, the state border service of Ukraine noted a decrease in passenger transport flow through admingranitsu compared to last year. The occurrence of queues in the border agencies associated with the actions of the Russian services on their controlled checkpoints in front of the Ukrainian KPVV. According to the Ukrainian border, the Russian military had slowed in July, the throughput of the operation.

In the border guard of FSB of Russia in the formation of queues on the border with Crimea accused Ukrainian service.

In the Crimea will introduce tourist tax