On the border with Poland have detained four citizens of Turkey

На границе с Польшей задержали четверых граждан Турции

The detainees are citizens of Turkey

Response team from the Department Smilnytsya detained foreigners is 500 metres from the border line.

As part of operation Border-2018 guards Mostyska squad detained four foreigners who were trying to cross Ukrainian-Polish border outside border crossing points.

It is reported by the state border service on Tuesday, August 14.

“The response team from the Department Smilnytsya 500 meters to the border line of the detained foreigners. When the men at the age from 18 to 40 years had the passport documents of citizens of Turkey. We also found out that on the territory of Ukraine foreigners arrived on the lawful bases”, – stated in the message.

Now offenders are kept in a special room of the Department Smilnytsya, where are the circumstances of their trip. They will have to incur administrative liability for attempt of illegal crossing of the state border.

Earlier the border guards in the Chernigov area detained on the border with Russia ten illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Russia. They drew up administrative reports for violations of the state border.

Also yesterday it was reported that in the area of conducting OOS tried to get the Ukrainians with Russian passports.

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