On the border with Poland skirmish

На границе с Польшей произошла перестрелка

On the Ukrainian-Polish border skirmish

Near the checkpoint shehyni in the Lviv region, exchange of fire between smugglers and the joint mobile group.

Near the checkpoint “shehyni” customs post Mostyska (Lviv region), the Ukrainian-Polish border, on Thursday, December 1, skirmish between smugglers and the joint mobile group to combat smuggling. This was announced by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk on his page in Facebook.

“The attackers tried to hold the 4 vans of contraband. When they were found and tried to detain, kontrabandisty called “reinforcement” in the few dozen people who started riots, broke the window of the bus and gave one of the drivers to escape in the car”, – he wrote.

According to the Minister, as a result of the incident injured one employee of the customs of the hundred – he was hit by a car when he let him leave, blocking the driveway. He was hospitalized.

Stop the riots representatives of the mobile groups could, only opening fire.

“Against the violators initiated appropriate action. Estimated value of the contraband in three buses, which managed to hold. Also consider the possibility of excitation of criminal cases against customs officials for possible corruption”, – said danyluk.

We will remind, in the Kharkov area frontier guards detained the Ukrainian who tried to export to Russia the production drawings design Bureau Antonov.