On the border with Poland stuck hundreds of trucks

На границе с Польшей застряли сотни фур

The Krakovets checkpoint the trucks are four kilometers before the border

Delays in the passage of trucks associated with the so-called “Italian” strike of Polish border guards.

In the Lviv region on the border of Ukraine and Poland lined kilometer queue of trucks. Reported Today Wednesday, October 3.

“Krakovets checkpoint the trucks are already four kilometers before the border. In the queue there are more than 200. Drivers waiting for two or three days to go to Poland, and the queue moves very slowly,” – said in the message.

One of the drivers told me that he stands in line for three days.

“Since Monday. Three days I’ve been waiting for. And now another day would be to go. It’s not normal. A day and a half, no more, this is the first time that I have, three days,” said the truck driver Basil Fedorets.

His colleague trucker Sergei Moroz added that he, too, standing in a traffic jam for 48 hours.

“48 hours. And who holds? We say that the poles, the poles say that our” – he admitted.

It is noted that passenger buses and light vehicles are moving without delay, and queue – only 20 cars, and no bus.

Delays in the passage of trucks associated with the so-called “Italian” strike of Polish border guards. His work they are as slow, requiring thus to raise wages.

At the same time, no official reports about the strike, the Ukrainian side has not received. Our guards assure that its part of the trucks don’t delay, make 10 per hour, as usual.

They are demanding higher wages, better working conditions and pensions. The organizers claim that it is the largest protest policing in the country’s history.

The State fiscal service of Ukraine confirmed the information about a difficult situation at the border. According to the Agency, one of the reasons are restrictions on the importation into Poland of the fuel up to 200 liters per truck.

Recall that in early September, the strike of Polish customs officers. Then it officeline announced the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland.

And on 12 August in the Polish town of Kamien Pomorski 100% police went to the hospital because of chronic fatigue, noting that this is not a protest, as the employees of law enforcement agencies are forbidden to protest.

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