On the border with Russia detained the Ukrainians with Communist t-shirts

На границе с РФ задержали украинцев с коммунистическими футболками

Ukrainians at the border were detained by Communist t-shirts

Young men went to world festival of youth and students in Sochi.

Five Ukrainians were detained on Friday evening on the border with Russia at the checkpoint goptovka, Kharkov region, who went on a youth festival in Sochi, where traditionally in the fall to concerts and sporting events, Vesti.

As reported by one of the detainees, it came police dogs, border guards, customs officers.

“The formal reason for detention was a t-shirt communicably party and Lenin Komsomol, which we had in the bags. Apparently acted on a tip because of the 70 people who were on the bus, we were immediately identified, called and began a search. Things out of bags literally flying across the room. After seeing the shirts, we were told that they fall under the law on decommunization that such symbolism is prohibited. And do not even want to listen that the activities of the Communist party now is not legally suspended, because on the ban of the Communist party are the courts. It is not clear how it will end, what we are presenting. Periodically we are told phrases in the style of: You come, ran,” he said.

Recall that the world festival of youth and students will be held 14-21 October in Sochi. It is held around the world – earlier in South Africa and South America. Participants of the event will be more than 20 thousand people from 150 countries at the age from 18 to 35 years. It representatives of public organizations and political parties, leftist activists, journalists, creative and sporting youth, young engineers, IT specialists, scientists, teachers.

Earlier, the Moldovan citizen who crossed the border from St. George ribbon for 3 years denied entry to Ukraine.

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