On the border with the Russian Federation has established experimental tower

На границе с РФ установили экспериментальную башню

Under the tower is equipped with firing positions

Tower powered by solar panels and is the only such facility on the border.

At the checkpoint in zhuravlevka Kharkiv region on the border with Russia set tower with video surveillance, channel 5 reported.

Experimental tower powered by solar panels and is the only such facility on the border. The observation tower was not connected to the power lines – it is self-sufficient, three-section solar panels.

The tower also contains multi-touch, optical system, thermal video cameras that capture everything that happens at a distance of several kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border. The image is transmitted to the screen in the control center.

In addition to technical equipment, border guards have strengthened KP the Zhuravlivka combat positions. Under the tower is equipped with a firing position that can keep the defense before the arrival of the main forces.

In addition, according to need, to hold back the enemy fighters may also in a specially equipped concrete bunker.

In the state border service emphasize that this tower in the continuous presence of guards does not need, because in the case of an emergency, they will arrive in minutes.

Earlier this checkpoint was carried out by the admission of citizens and transport. After the Russian aggression the checkpoint was closed.

Corruption fighters took over the “Wall” Yatsenyuk

As you know, last year on the border with Russia began to build a “Wall”. The project is now partially implemented only in Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions. To build facilities on the border with Russia in the Sumy and Luhansk regions plan this year and continue into 2017.

In 2016, for implementation of the project Wall provided 200 million USD, of which 60 million has already been received. Additionally, in 2015, the construction of the “Wall” has been allocated 400 million, which was disbursed in full.