On the Day of the Kiev national guardsmen staged for the residents and guests of the capital of the military-sports performance

В День Киева нацгвардейцы устроили для киевлян и гостей столицы военно-спортивное представление

On the Day of Kyiv on the territory of the National historical-architectural Museum “Kiev fortress” guards staged military sports performance for residents and guests of the capital. This was reported by press service of the national guard.

During the presentation you could see the exercises in crossfit and the paramilitary elements of the relay: deadlifts barbell weighing 50 kg, deadlift kettlebell weighing 32 kg up to the chin, jumping on the curb with a height of 75 cm, some burpees (complex exercise for many muscle groups) roll-over and rubber tires weighing 80 kg.

Also fighters competed in the tug-of-war, pushed a freight car, simulated the transfer of “injured” and boxes of ammunition.

“Despite the powerful shower and truly extreme conditions, all fighters and athletes coped well with the conditions of the competition”, – stated in the message.

The applause came after the performance of the senior Lieutenant Nina Drozdowski, which is on a par with men brilliantly fulfilled all the requirements. Nina was the only woman in a team of guards. “It was very difficult, but I coped. I weigh 55 kg, and the rod 50, with the joke recalls overcome the obstacle Nina, – it is silent about the 80 pound tire. Very much fueled frantic support”.

Recall, crossfit is a training method and a competitive sport on the basis of ranging in a single session of intense strength and functional exercises.

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As reported, on may 28-29 in the capital, the Day of Kiev. According to the official version, the city celebrates the year 1534.