On The Eve Of Easter. The authorities are flirting with the Church

Накануне Пасхи. Как власти заигрывают с церковью

Poroshenko held a meeting with representatives of Church organizations

New Church initiatives of the Ukrainian state.

On the eve of Easter intensified when authorities with the Ukrainian Church organizations.

Like all previous leaders of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is trying to enlist the support of the Church, sometimes leading to ambiguous statements.

Correspondent.net has gathered information on what privileges the government gives the Church.

Church school

During a recent meeting with leaders of churches and religious organizations, President Petro Poroshenko said that he decided to sign a law granting religious organizations the right to establish educational institutions.

According to this law, religious organizations that are registered in accordance with legislation, can be founders (owners) of higher, vocational, General education and preschool educational institutions.

The changes include after-school educational institutions, which permit the activities of religious associations provided that they are the founders of this preschool educational institution.

“This law provides the constitutional right of believing parents or persons in Loco parentis, on the education of children according to their own religious beliefs”, – the press-service of the President.

This law, the Verkhovna Rada adopted on 2 June. While expert administration of the Parliament pointed out that the document directly contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine. In part 3 of article 35 of the Constitution States that Church and religious organizations are separate from state and school from the Church.

Poroshenko also instructed the defense Ministry to accelerate the development of regulations on kapelanski in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies.

Ban LGBT marriages

The current Ukrainian government on every corner talks about his commitment to European values.

At the same time, Poroshenko during a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian Council of churches and religious organizations, said that in Ukraine same-sex marriages will not be legalized.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with representatives of

His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry addressed the theme of “preserving traditional family values in the Ukrainian society. Poroshenko reassured of the clergy.

The discount on gas

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to maintain the exemptions for churches on the use of natural gas, — said during the meeting of the Cabinet. For religious organizations the boundary of the retail price of gas will be 3913 UAH/thousand cubic meters, and not 6879 hryvnia, as the entire population. Previously, they paid 3600 hryvnia per thousand cubic meters.

Unified maximum retail price of gas 6879 UAH/thousand cubic meters. m consists of a wholesale gas price of $ 4 942 hryvnias weighted average tariff for transportation — 219 UAH, the weighted average distribution tariff — 513,7 hryvnia, trade margins supplier — 57.4 hryvnia.

In March 2014 the Cabinet of Ministers tried to undo the benefits of natural gas for religious organizations, but then under pressure of the clergy reversed its decision.

One Church

Poroshenko underlines the importance of establishing a local Orthodox Church, administratively independent from other States.

The President noted that the society requires all public bodies to work for the unity and hope from religious organizations.

Накануне Пасхи. Как власти заигрывают с церковью


“It is obvious that in the present situation of many believers it is difficult to agree with the existing separation of Ukrainian Orthodoxy. Of course, I radically do not allow the state to interfere – and I won’t allow it – in interchurch relations. It’s a matter of believers and churches. But to ignore the will of the people is also not unseemly, as well as unacceptable interference in these processes of another country”, – said the President.

The head of state expressed readiness to help implement those solutions that will offer themselves primates of Ukrainian churches.

Poroshenko noted that according to public opinion surveys, a growing number of Orthodox Ukrainians want to have – as is common throughout the Orthodox world, and most of the Orthodox countries – one local Autocephalous Church – “the Church, eucharistically and United prayer is very important and is administratively independent from other States.”

Challenges to the Moscow Patriarchate

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law with the proposal to allow the state to appoint bodies of leaders of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The bill for the “special status of religious organizations” with the guiding centers in Russia. Among the document’s authors – MPs Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleksandr bryhynets and Dmitry Tymchuk.

According to the document, Central and regional management of “special” organizations will appoint only with the consent of state authorities. Therefore, plan to identify possible manifestations of external influence and interference by the aggressor state” through the Church.

The document stated that such actions can influence political processes in the state.

Also with the help of the bill want to prevent “manifestations of destabilization of the religious environment and inciting sectarian strife in Ukraine”.

The state will enter into with the organizations agreements about their status, are obliged “to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the laws of Ukraine”. Another requirement is to respect other religious organizations of the country.

The bill also proposes to create a government Agency to control activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and other religious organizations. Before check status of independent experts will give an expert assessment of the documents identified in the project.

In addition, these organizations will coordinate the visit to Ukraine of “foreign religious figures”.

At the same time, the state will authorize to stop the activities of Church organizations in identifying the facts of cooperation with the “militarist-terrorist groups”.