On the facts of Ukrainian military recruitment by the Russian secret services investigated more than 30 criminal proceedings – SBU

On the facts of recruitment of Ukrainian servicemen of the Navy of the Russian intelligence agencies investigated more than 30 criminal proceedings, 2 verdicts were made. At the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said the chief of staff of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk.

According to him, the security Service of Ukraine in 2014 conducted a special operation to prevent the recruitment of Ukrainian soldiers by Russian secret services.

“Recruiting offers from the Russian special services did most of the officers of the Navy of Ukraine who traveled to Crimea. First, the Russian special services were interested in senior officers. Operation military counterintelligence SBU lasted from 2014, since, as was illegally annexed Crimea. Soldiers who received recruiting offers from Russian security services that our service has quickly shown, and they do not have time to transfer any important information to their Russian handlers. Most of the sailors remained loyal to the oath and voluntarily reported its leadership and the security service about getting recruiting offers from representatives of the FSB and GRU of the Russian General staff,” – said Tkachuk.

In the framework of the special operation is working under more than 30 criminal proceedings, involving as citizens of Ukraine, servicemen, and certain employees, officers of the Russian special services.

Two Ukrainian soldiers, recruited in the Crimea has already been sentenced under the article “treason” in the form of imprisonment till 12 years of imprisonment.