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В первый день безвиза не впустили четверых из 774

As of 11:00 774 Ukrainian citizen crossed the border without visas in the passport.

On the border with Poland and Romania recorded the first refusal of entry to citizens of Ukraine after the beginning of action of a visa-free regime, said in comments to “European truth” the head of the Department of consular service of the foreign Ministry Sergei Pogoreltsev.

According to him, as of 11 a.m., one failure recorded at the border with Poland through the border checkpoint “shehyni” tried to enter Poland a man, with a ban on entry issued by the authorities of Denmark informed the citizen of Ukraine has exceeded the period of stay in Schengen.

The exact same reason, was denied entry to the two Ukrainians on the border with Slovakia, in paragraph Cherries German. These citizens been deported from the EU and was aware of a ban of entry.

On the border with Romania was denied entry to the man, who did not have biometric passports, he planned to cross the border with the passport of the old sample, but without a visa.

“It was a refusal, which by and large does not concern a visa-free regime”, – said victims of the fire.

In just the first 11 hours of action of a visa-free regime in the EU moved 20 660 citizens of Ukraine (standard this time), including 5290 – biometric passports.

As of 11:00 774 Ukrainian citizen crossed the border without visas in the passport.

346 of them entered through land border crossing points between Ukraine and Poland-112 – with Hungary, 289 Romania, 27 – Slovakia.

Aircraft, the EU came the 227 people who did not have the passport of visa – including the we are talking about flights to Rome, Paris, Warsaw, Amsterdam. All of them successfully and without problem crossed the border with the EU.

We will remind that on June 11 the border around the clock duty of the consuls to monitor the onset of action of a visa-free regime and to help the citizens of Ukraine in case of emergencies.

Most Ukrainians without a visa for coming to Poland – foreign Ministry