On the Greek island of Chios workers staged nightly riots

На греческом острове Хиос мигранты устроили ночные погромы

A sweep of the refugee camp in Calais (France), October 2016

On the Greek island of Chios from late evening until early morning on 17 November continued massacres, which gave refugees and migrants. This writes the Greek newspaper, Tapei.

They set fire to the camp for the temporary accommodation of the Court, smashed a fireworks store, which began to run in the house and residents.

Also the migrants smashed cars and shops around the accommodation centre.

They also threw stones at cars on the street.

People tried to protect themselves against migrants until the arrival of riot police.

Note that after the closing of “the Balkan route of migration” in Greece there are about 62 thousand people trying to get to the countries of Central and Northern Europe. The migrants are unhappy that they have to stay in Greece.

This is not the first riots that were organized by the refugees.

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