On the Ground was recorded by a very powerful magnetic storm

На Земле зафиксировали очень мощную магнитную бурю

Storm refers to the third level

Took her to the third-level categories. A similar strength storm, according to experts, was not observed for quite a long time.

Scientists from the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN recorded on Tuesday, may 14, powerful for half a year magnetic storm that struck Earth. Took her to the third-level categories. This is stated on the website of the institution.

“This storm the third level, but only on a scale of five points. Storm fifth points are extremely rare, once in ten or twenty years. This is not a record event,” said Sergey Bogachev.

According to him, the event “creates auroras, interference in radio communications”.

According to the researchers, the solar activity started in the morning and will last until the evening.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found the absorption of the Earth huge volumes of water storage.

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