On the Kerch bridge have started to stack asphalt

На Керченском мосту начали укладывать асфальт

Asphalt laying on the Kerch bridge

In areas where the bridge to the shore, the canvas is made in three layers.

The builders of the Kerch bridge from the annexed Crimea in neighboring Russia in the Crimea completed work on the first phase with asphalt. It is reported by the information centre of the Crimean bridge.

Asphalt is laid on the pilot section length of 600 m on the island of Tuzla, which worked through technology paving. As explained builders, this is necessary due to the fact that the creation of a cloth is a time consuming procedure with the use of handmade.

“After laying the asphalt we have to perform a complex of works on the barrier fencing, lighting masts, control systems, automatic road traffic”, – said the representative of the Agency Yury Safonov.

The first work started in July when I was laid lower layer of asphalt concrete thickness of 6 cm Followed then was mounted drain, and then workers put 5 cm of the upper layer. Thus the total thickness of the duplex coating is 11 cm In areas where the bridge to the shore, the canvas is made in three layers.

As noted in the message, when installing roofing is modified bitumen with polymer additives, which increases the strength and durability of the coating. The type and grade of asphalt concrete was selected specifically with the conditions of operation of the bridge and climatic conditions.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 29 August it became known about installing arch on the Kerch bridge. In Russia it is known as a key construction event.

However, Russia for three days completely cut off shipping through the Strait of Kerch.

Recall, Ukraine will sue Russia over the bridge in the Crimea, since the Ukrainian ports suffer a substantial loss if this object will be completed. International arbitration will consider the dispute between Ukraine and Russia.