On the Kerch bridge installed the second arch

На Керченский мост установили вторую арку

Arch is installed on the bridge

The arch was lifted with 12 jacks with a total lifting capacity of almost eight thousand tons.

Road arch under construction in the Kerch Strait bridge from Crimea to neighboring Russia weighing more than 5 tons is raised Thursday on the Seine estuary supports – to a height of 35 meters from sea level, Interfax reported.

“Gradual process took about five hours. During the night the arched span will be to consolidate, after which the movement of the Kerch-Yenikalsky channel will resume,” the statement reads.

The arch was lifted with 12 jacks with a total lifting capacity of almost 8 thousand tons.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve of Kerch to the construction of the bridge was taken on floating platforms road arch. Overall marine operation in the installation of the arch in proper position will take up to three days.

Russia imposed a ban on shipping through the Strait of Kerch from 11 to 14 October due to the installation of the arch to the supports of the bridge under construction.

We will remind, on August 29 it became known about the installation of the first arch on the bridge Kerch. In Russia it is called the key event construction.

Ukraine will sue Russia over the bridge to the Crimea because of the Ukrainian ports suffer a substantial loss if this object will be completed. The dispute between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will consider international arbitration.