On the Maidan could fire stolen in Lviv weapons – the lawyer of the Eagle

На Майдане могли стрелять из украденного во Львове оружия – адвокат Беркута

Five former fighters of subdivision Berkut detained for the third year

Protection of a hypothesis about the origin of the weapon from which shot in the center of Kiev in February 2014.

In February 2014 on the Maidan could shoot from the weapon stolen in Lviv. This was stated by the lawyer of the Eagle Alexander Gorodinsky, Ukrainian news reported on Wednesday, September 13.

According to the Agency, their assumption makes the lawyer on the basis of a formal response to a request to the Ministry of internal Affairs about the stolen weapons in the West of Ukraine.

“In the framework of criminal proceedings against former employees of PMON Berkut, who are accused of involvement in the executions of people on Maidan in February 2014, the defence received the official response of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine concerning confirmation of the facts of seizure of unknown persons arms and ammunition”, – writes the edition.

In particular, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine to the attorney’s request, a copy of which publish Ukrainian news, it is reported that during 18-19 February 2014 about 2000 the unknown took control of the district police departments of the MIA of Ukraine in Lviv region and the Lvov gorupravleniye of GAI 1225 firearms and ammunition of various caliber.

At the same time, about 1000 unidentified persons seized the administrative buildings of Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region seven pistols of Makarova, 112 cartridges of 9 mm caliber, two pistols Fort-17P, 52 cartridges Teren-3F 9 mm caliber, three pump-action rifles Fort and 580 rounds Teren-3F caliber 12 mm.

In addition, the lawyer reminded about posted on the Internet write a speech on independence Yury Lutsenko in which he announced the possibility of armed defense of the protesters and said that “weapons will be delivered”.

“This information gives rise to the protection of members of special forces Berkut to assume that this weapon could be shot as protesters and interior Ministry officers during the events on Maidan in February 2014,” – said Gorodinsky.

No other evidence was shot from abducted in Western Ukraine weapons, the lawyer does not.

Recall that in early August, Svyatoshinskiy district court in Kiev extended to September 29 the detention of five former employees of Berkut special forces, who are accused of killing 48 of activists of the Euromaidan in February 2014.

Five former fighters of subdivision Berkut detained for the third year.