On the moon discovered an unknown substance

На Луне обнаружено неизвестное вещество

Scientists have not yet found out that it doesn’t show the find. Among the considered versions of glass from melt rocks from meteorite impact.

The Chinese lunar Rover Yutu-2 was found in one of the moon craters an unknown substance. It is reported by Science Alert.

The Chinese space Agency called the discovery “a gel with a mysterious Shine.” What kind of connection is not yet known, it does not show in the photo. But the Network showed the Rover, directed towards the crater of the moon with a mysterious substance.

Experts believe that the most likely version of the origin of the material is the melting of rocks due to the meteorite impact.

На Луне обнаружено неизвестное вещество

Photo: China National Space Administration

Yutu-2 found an unknown substance, three days after the beginning of work on the eve of the unit would be turn off to protect from overheating.

Earlier it was reported that Chandrayaan-2 sent a new photo of the moon. The Correspondent also wrote that scientists have uncovered the real age of the moon.

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