On the moon they found the underground tunnels

На Луне нашли подземные туннели

A hole can lead to underground hole

The discovery has been called “the future of humanity.”

At the 48th conference of the Lunar and Planetary Science said about the underground tunnels. They are next to the hole on a plateau Marius Hills, the diameter of which is tens of meters. The very hole discovered in 2009, according to Popmech.

Japanese machine Kaguya, scientists have found that near the holes are large, many kilometers of emptiness.

On the Ground, too, there are similar underground formations that occur when the magma cools and gradually shrinks, eventually forming a blank space. You can’t be 100% sure that those voids that astronomers found the moon – this is the lava formations. Anyway, if a reconnaissance mission to confirm that the satellite of the Earth and in fact, there are deep underground tunnels, in the future they can become the basis for creating the first lunar colonial settlements and scientific research centres.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that China was developing a vehicle to deliver four people to the moon.

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