On the moon will send a “time capsule” with DNA molecules

На Луну отправят "капсулу времени" с молекулами ДНК

In a capsule placed photographs of people, texts and images of cultural objects. This information is pre-encoded in synthetic DNA molecules.

American Foundation for the conservation of heritage (Arch Mission Foundation) in cooperation with Microsoft, Twist Bioscience Corporation and the University of Washington will send to the moon “time capsule” synthetic DNA molecules. On Monday, October 8, reports Radio Liberty.

In particular, the Fund plans to send the first vault on Earth in 2020.

Noted that capsule put pictures of people, texts and images of cultural objects. Information pre-encoding billions of synthetic DNA molecules. While in the capsule will be instructions on how to decode DNA.

The initiators of the project note that the capsule will be the first in history “collection lunar library”.

As you know, Arch Mission Foundation was founded in 2015. This is a non-profit organization that creates a backup of the information store on the accumulated knowledge of humanity and its achievements.

Earlier, a group of astronomers announced that it has received evidence of the existence of moons outside our Solar system. It supposedly revolves around exoplanet Kepler-1625b, 8 thousand light-years from us.

It was also reported that the American space company SpaceX chose the first tourist, who has to make a round around the moon on a space ship Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). It will be a Japanese billionaire Osaka of Maezawa.

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