On the orbit of mercury, discovered a mysterious phenomenon

На орбите Меркурия обнаружили загадочное явление

Mercury was surrounded by a ring of dust

There is a ring of dust, which was assumed to exist there.

A team of astronomers at the naval research laboratory, USA found that mercury is surrounded by a ring of dust located in its orbit. Previously, it was assumed that because of the proximity to the Sun, the planet can have it. About it writes Science Alert.

The discovery was made using images obtained by STEREO — interplanetary station NASA. In the new study, scientists have identified a huge trail of small cosmic dust on the orbit of mercury, forming a ring with a width of nearly 15 million kilometers (9.3 million miles).

“It was customary to assume that mercury, unlike the Earth or Venus, too small and too close to the Sun to have a dust Col,” – said study co-author Guillermo Stenborg, a scientist at the solar energy from the naval research laboratory.

The opening means that the material that makes up the ring can approach the Sun much closer than scientists had previously thought.

The density of dust in the Central part of the structure is five percent higher than in the surrounding area. In the conclusions it is said that to form the ring of intersection of the orbit of mercury, comet Encke.

Earlier it was reported that the researchers found in the Solar system, “oceanic” planet.

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