On the Rivne nuclear power plant disconnected unit

На Ровенской АЭС отключили энергоблок

Violations of limits and conditions of safe operation was not.

The power unit №4 of Rivne NPP was disconnected from the network, the operation of the automatic protection of the generator. It happened in 15.53 Friday, August 25, announced the Energoatom.

“The event classified as a level “zero – out” scale in accordance with the rating scale of nuclear events INES. Radiation, fire and environmental condition at the RNPP and the surrounding area has not changed and is within the existing norms”, – noted in the company.

It is also reported that object are searched and the elimination of the causes of this event. Comments on the operation of the main equipment of operating power units and staff there.

Recall that RAES Aug 21, connected to the grid of the fourth unit after conducting medium planned maintenance.