On the ruins of Donetsk airport bloomed tulips

На руинах аэропорта Донецка расцвели тюльпаны

in place of fierce fighting there were red flowers.

The ruined Donetsk airport, where fierce fighting between “cyborgs” and the separatists, the flowers are blooming.

Picture with red tulips amid the ruins spread in the social networks of volunteers.

“When spring and life take their toll. This is a photo of the Donetsk airport began to walk around the network. In WCT bloomed tulips”, – the volunteer wrote Alyona Balaba on his page in Facebook.

На руинах аэропорта Донецка расцвели тюльпаны

Alena Balaba/ Facebook

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the center of Donetsk made a glamorous stop.

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