On the train Lviv-Kiev scuffled passengers

В поезде Львов-Киев подрались пассажиры

The perpetrators of the conflict stated that they were unable to buy tickets, although the train was half-empty

The fight occurred because of two passengers who tried to travel without tickets. The train was delayed for 15 minutes.

Tuesday, 14 August, in one of the carriages of intercity trains message Lviv – Kyiv was a fight for stowaways. He writes about this in Facebook journalist Andriy Chemes.

He notes that the conflict broke out due to the fact that the wagon train came a man and a woman without tickets. They refused to leave the car and noted that they urgently need to get to the capital for trial.

According to them, they are unable to purchase tickets on the website of Ukrzaliznytsia because of their absence, though in the car was a lot of empty seats.

Subsequently perturbed by the delay of the train, the passengers staged a fight with a man and a woman who refused to leave the car.

In Kiev the train departed 15 minutes late.

Earlier in a network there was video as at the Zaporozhye beach people caught the thief “red-handed” and immediately decided to confront him.

Earlier it was reported that Transcarpathia Roma staged a mass brawl at the election of the Baron.

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