One day in the life of a person with a sensitive gut

Один день из жизни человека с чувствительным кишечником

“What the hell! – I mentally screamed. – There’s this! Not only that colleagues bring, and even your own body!

But let’s order. It was a normal working Tuesday, one of many. I have Grand plans to participate in two meetings, to meet with the client and finally complete the quarterly report. I had to catch it to six, because in the evening we celebrated a friend’s birthday – it was a surprise for her: I had “accidentally” make it to the restaurant, where we waited for all of her friends. At lunchtime, I wanted to stop at the nail salon, the dress and shoes I had with me, a beautiful bouquet will easily manage to buy on the way to her.

Weather, it seemed, whispered: “Today is a beautiful day, you overcome them all, baby, and then will come off!”

Один день из жизни человека с чувствительным кишечником


I briskly walked to the office and even launched the report in order not to waste time before lunch. Zink! Received a letter from the chief. In the subject ASAP, and he is writing not often. Something I don’t feel good. Stomach twisted, and I opened the letter. Oh, well …

My colleague was ill, a meeting is postponed and will be within 30 minutes, the other will start at 17:30 (and I was, at 18:30 on the other end of town!), and the client wrote the chief that he again “concierne” and therefore he wants to have lunch with the project team.How can you have one letter to throw it all away?! It is not clear how to catch a birthday and not to let all … my stomach twisted more and more. Yet this is not enough… Since adolescence, my gut makes it difficult as you can, my life. The first kiss, you say? A magical moment? It’s the people he apparently was magical and I was so nervous I barely found the toilet!

Before the meeting there were still 15 minutes, and his stomach twisted more and more. I could hardly move from the discomfort. It was then, just then, my mood completely soured, and I swore to myself, my colleagues down, your own body fails, how is that even possible? He ran to the office bathroom, already thought, “Here is a relief!” But no – in the next stall someone came in. Well, come on, come on soon and give peace in the toilet sit! But no, this is not the end … Who told these people that the best place for office smaltato – in the bathroom near the sinks?!

Один день из жизни человека с чувствительным кишечником



In General, at the meeting I was not myself. Was angry on all and more especially to your belly. The month was not like this, but again, the intestine canceling all my plans. I have never had a thought about the report, neither the manicure nor on birthday night so I wanted to just come home, feel sorry for myself and lie on the bed, tucking his knees to his stomach, maybe it will be easier …”

So it may look like a normal day sensitive bowel which responded to the hard timing and unexpected new schedule. Such people constantly have to take care of your gut:

● do not eat certain foods (I do it for you);
● not to go to certain places, because there may be a “twist”;
● to resort to a kind of “rituals”, if you are planning a stressful situation (e.g., have to go to the toilet before the meeting);
● to carry the necessary medicines;
● to avoid situations in which it would be difficult to reach the toilet (e.g. do not go to concerts at the stadium or not to travel long distances in the bus – only train).

Один день из жизни человека с чувствительным кишечником



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