One of the elements of the periodic table officially named “Muscovy”

Один из элементов таблицы Менделеева официально назвали "московий"

In the periodic table, new elements

The item opened the suburban scientists of the joint Institute for nuclear research.

A new element of the periodic table number 115 has received the name “Muscovy”, is spoken in the message of the International Union of pure and applied chemistry.

It is named after who discovered it scientists of the joint Institute for nuclear research located in Dubna near Moscow.

The element that opened the suburban scientists of the joint Institute for nuclear research, has a symbol Mc. In addition, the official name given to the 118th element – now it is called “ohanneson” (Og) in honor of Russian academician Yuri Hovhannisyan.

113 and 117 th elements are now called “nyoni” (Nh) and “Tennessean” (Ts), respectively. The name of one of them is derived from the local name of Japan is Nihon, the other his naming obliged to the Tennessee, which is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of energy.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that in 2012 the Union was officially awarded the title planovi and Livermore 114 th and 116 th elements of the periodic table.


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