One third of men accused of psychological problems work

Треть мужчин обвиняют в психологических проблемах работу

Men are more likely to try to solve problems on their own and not go to the doctor.

Men more often than women there are mental problems due to work, and they are less likely to seek help, experts say charity Mind, says BBC Ukraine.

They interviewed 15 000 employees and found that 1763 of them had problems with mental health.

A third of the men tied his fortune with his work. 14% said that the cause of their mental problems not related to work.

Experts advise both men and women, and workers and managers to find a way to talk openly about their problems.

Organization Mind interviewed employees of 30 companies, including such large firms as Deloitte, HMRC, Jaguar Land Rover and PepsiCo.

Men are more likely to try to solve problems independently. Or overcome them using tools such as the TV, exercise or alcohol.

Recall that according to the study, the working week is longer than 55 hours can cause the development of atrial fibrillation, one of the most common types of cardiac arrhythmias, which can lead to stroke.


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