One third of Ukrainians have chosen a doctor – Suprun

Треть украинцев уже выбрали себе врача - Супрун

Nearly 15 million Ukrainians decided with doctors

Declaratii with primary care physicians signed almost 15 million citizens of the country.

As of Thursday, August 9, 14.8 million Ukrainians, that is every third inhabitant of the country, chose a primary care physician. This was reported in Facebook the acting Minister of health Suprun.

“National campaign Physician for each family is rapidly moving. Soon will come the time to change the slogan “Everyone needs a doctor” to “All have their own doctor.” To date, 14.8 million Ukrainians have signed the Declaration of family doctors, internists and pediatricians,” wrote Suprun.

She noted that the best results show the regions where medical reform implemented jointly by medical institutions and local authorities.

For example, in the Vinnytsia region, 56% of residents chose family physicians, internists and pediatricians. Next among the leaders, Poltava, Kharkiv and Khmelnytsky region. In these regions, according to Suprun, almost every second has your doctor.

Earlier in the Ministry of health reported that family physicians who signed the Declaration with their patients and started to work on the system of “money follow the patient”, received in July increased salaries.


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