Online training in the Ukrainian language for sixth graders

Онлайн-обучение по украинскому языку для шестиклассников

Educational platform Learning is starting the new year with new discoveries: starts 6th grade in the Ukrainian language.

New 330 course involves interactive exercises to explore basic theoretical and practical aspects of the Ukrainian language. 27 individual topics will enable the student to improve and deepen their knowledge on the subject, to catch up the material and just spend time with pleasure.

Students who have long been studying on the platform can easily Orient in familiar characters, the native will feel the interface and the mechanics of the task. Under each job there is a small text description, which will tell parents and students the basic theoretical aspects on which emphasis.

For parents and teachers there is a personal account, where you can control the flow of exercises and the progress of the student. By the way, in the personal Cabinet you can select tasks, which will host the student during subsequent lessons.


    Main level theme:

  • The structure of the words. In this topic, the student once again let me remind you what the word is, what are the parts of words and how they can modify the structure and lexical meaning.
  • The difficult words. In Ukrainian language there are often words in which spelling can be difficult. The theme of “Difficult words” will help you to work out the important points minimizes the chance of error when writing. The platform will help the student to understand the conditions under which the word requires a hyphen or an apostrophe is generally written separately.
  • Independent parts of speech. Noun. In the sixth grade continues in-depth study of individual parts of speech. However, the noun takes the first place in this study. During the completion of the course the student will consider the time, labor and difficult moments spelling of nouns.
  • Complex sentence. A sixth grader should be good to distinguish between simple and complex sentence, to understand what are the main differences between. In addition to the standard definition of the grammatical foundations of complex sentences, the student will learn to work with the schemes proposals, will understand why you need to use them. An important aspect will be the question of the combination of parts of a proposal the unions or punctuation marks.
  • The world inside out. At the level of the studying of the theme “Native land” in which the student becomes acquainted with the unique cultural and geographical features of the Ukrainian regions. However, knowledge of only their own region severely limits the vision of the child. To this end, a section that will tell sixth-graders about how to live the culture of different peoples of the world, the features and characteristics have a separate part of the world.


And this is only a small part of everything that will see student in a new course on the Ukrainian language. Team Learning did not work a single day in order to make active learning and the development of a sixth-grader more informative, rich and unusual.