Only 30% of workers in restaurants are physical

Только 30% работников ресторанов проходят медосмотр

The restaurant can cater for people with diseases

The remaining 70% buy medknizhki illegal, according to Hospitible.

Only 30% of the staff of the Metropolitan establishments really are physical, the rest 70% buy my medical books, said during a press conference the Chairman of Gospodarevskaya Oleg Ruban, reports UKRINFORM.

“Medical examinations of workers – is calling time on today, in particular in Kiev. According to our data, only 30% of personal medical cards are an official document confirming the safety of the personnel. 70% is adulterated, bought books. We in every case appeal to the National police. And people who buy these books bear the same criminal responsibility as the persons who sell them,” – said Ruban.

He said that regarding the personal medical books monitoring is conducted for 4 months. And the fact that only 30% of the personnel of food establishments legally passed a medical examination and have the official documents, reported Kyiv city state administration and the National police. At the Kiev city Council has convened a group to develop control in this area. Special attention will be paid to Eurasia network, where in recent days were poisoned 35 people.

Ruban recalled that after cases of mass poisoning was possible to monitor 83 catering facility, and 60 of them (80%) found in violation of sanitary and veterinary-sanitary legislation. And almost 30% of the facilities have temporarily ceased operations.

In particular, according to him, not all businesses have the supporting documents for raw materials and goods, which comes from (fish, meat). Often the nutrition unit is placed on the area of 10-15 sq. m, where it is impossible to adhere to the technological regime. Regarding the technical equipment, it or not working, or damaged (it and cooling equipment, and fume hoods, and ventilation systems). There is a violation in the technology of preparation, ranging from General food storage, washing the eggs and disinfecting the room and equipment. Also violated the terms and conditions of storage of products and ready meals.

We will remind, in Kiev the number of victims of food poisoning in catering establishments has reached 34 people. Four people were hospitalized in Kiev with poisoning after the use of the land, confirmed the diagnosis “a salmonellosis”.