OPEC+ want to cut oil production – Reuters

Страны ОПЕК+ хотят сократить добычу нефти - Reuters

OPEC+ can return to the constraints of oil production in 2019

Countries can return to the reduction of oil production in the next year, to prevent the formation of excess supply.

OPEC and outside the cartel States can return to the constraints of oil production in 2019, to prevent the formation of excess supply in the market. About it reports Reuters, citing a senior source in the OPEC on Wednesday, November 7.

A senior source in OPEC said this after the information that the leaders of the global Pact OPEC+ (Russia and Saudi Arabia) have already begun to discuss the possibility of reducing oil output in 2019.

Next Sunday, November 11, in Abu Dhabi will host the Ministerial meeting of the monitoring Committee with the participation of representatives of a number of OPEC members and other countries adhering to the oil of the Covenant.

Traders await $100. Why rising oil prices

Recently, OPEC has lowered the forecast of growth of oil demand in 2018 for 80 thousand barrels per day to 1.54 million b/d.


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