Open the window at night can save you from diabetes − the scientists

Открытое на ночь окно может спасти от диабета − ученые

Ventilation is good for health

Cooling of the body even a few degrees is good for health.

The ventilation helps to avoid diseases such as type II diabetes and obesity, reports The Telegraph, citing an endocrinologist, University of Oxford Ashley Grossman.

This conclusion he did based on research on the impact of global warming on human health, published by Dutch scientists in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care.

The researchers suggested that the rise in average temperature of one degree Celsius can annually cause thousands of new cases of diabetes.

This is because in the heat of the human body ceases to spend calories to maintain heat, resulting in increased insulin sensitivity, and increases weight.

Grossman stressed that even leaving for a while open the window at night, can significantly reduce the risk of disease.

Earlier it was reported that Russian scientists have proposed to deal with diabetes and hepatitis with stem cells.

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