Openany RF tzemach returned to the Donbass

Обменяный РФ Цемах вернулся на Донбасс

The daughter of the exchange between Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Tzemach confirmed that her father is back in “DNR”.

Maria Levchenko-tzemach, the daughter of the exchange between Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Tzemach, confirmed that her father returned to the territory of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk national Republic”, informs the Present.

On a question of journalists about the future plans she said, “to Live.”

However, she refused to say whether the blame her father in the crash of a Malaysian airliner in Donbass.

“Everyone who wanted, from father’s testimony received. All we wanted to say we said. No one no one is hiding, he has nothing to hide,” – said Levchenko-tzemach.

She also confirmed the father’s interrogation by investigators from the Netherlands.

We will remind that on September 7 held an exchange of detainees between Ukraine and Russia. Russia back, in particular, Vladimir Tzemach. Zelensky, the President and the head of SBU Ivan Bakanov said that tzemach was questioned, and he could break the exchange between the Ukraine and Russia.

Later it became known that the Netherlands reclassified Tzemach suspects in the case of the Downing of MH17.

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