Operation Naturalization. Does the national team of Ukraine to foreigners

Операция Натурализация. Нуждается ли сборная Украины в иностранцах

Ukraine may increase naturalized players

Whether the football team of Ukraine attracting foreign players? The pros and cons of this question was looking for the Reporter.

After the failure of the national team of Ukraine for Euro 2016, where our players are ranked last among all participating countries, the question arose about the need to update the team in September to start in the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup, says Ruslan Mezhenskiy in No. 32 of the edition of August 19, 2016.

But where to look for new players, considering that our football is going through hard times and, to put it mildly, is not progressing? Football Federation of Ukraine believes fresh blood can be found, naturalistov several strong players-aliens who have long called in our League and never played for their home teams. Here only need it for the team and its fans? Is not so clear. Try to understand.

Glory to the heroes, brother!

We are talking about the three Brazilians who have long been in our League and has long been oukranos. For example, Romero Bonfim Marlos jokingly welcomed to practice with the team Shakhtar his teammate Tyson Fred Barcellos phrase: “Glory to Ukraine!”. What Disonance (as fans call the biggest Legionnaire patriot of Ukraine in the Donetsk club) says: “glory to the Heroes, brother!”.

Tyson, by the way, our country’s national anthem singing before the matches of the Ukrainian Premier League. And anyway, the talk about his possible change of nationality underway since 2013, when the Brazilian played the Kharkiv Metalist.

Marlos also play for the national team of Ukraine is not against. He said this before the Euro Cup match Shakhtar vs Swiss club young boys.

— The opportunity to play for the national team of Ukraine there she pondered. If that happens, it will be my gift to the Ukrainians. I will try to thank them for being there was well received and warmly treated me, ” said Marlos.

The third candidate of the Brazilian Dynamo Kiev Chaves Ribeiro Moraes Junior, Aloisio. Or Moraes. Striker Dynamo really is very good! And the lack of intelligent forwards (Roman Zozulya is how to be a patriot, but that he will not be scoring striker-striker) could play at the point of attack against Ukraine. But the player himself says:

— To decide the fate of Moraes in the national team of Ukraine should not the Federation officials and not himself Moraes, and fans of the national team of Ukraine. They need Moraes or not?

So Brazilians have a desire to play for the national team of Ukraine has. And in the Ukraine national team to see them don’t mind. At least the head of the Committee of national teams at football Federation Miron Markevich has already said this openly:

— Marlos and taison will definitely help the national team of Ukraine. The more that they want to play for our team. I spoke with them, they with both hands!

Another thing is that Marlos and taison are the attacking Midfielders. What they the national team of Ukraine in the presence of the composition of the existing star Andriy Yarmolenko and Yevhen Konoplyanka, as well as young and terribly talented Alexander Zinchenko Viktor Kovalenko?

— Like what? For competition. With such rivals in the fight for a place in the squad, the Ukrainian players will progress — says Markevich.

No problems with obtaining Ukrainian passports. The law it can claim anyone who has lived in our country for 5 years and know the state language. Tyson fits the timeline, Marlos Moraes and lived less, but their period of stay in the country is already close to 5 years.

The language is, of course, more complicated. But I can do a discount. In the end, the Brazilians can… adopt! Then by law they will instantly become Ukrainians without special conditions. But for such radical naturalisation to resort is not necessary, you can just issue a special presidential decree and to grant them citizenship as particularly valuable for the country to professionals. Already repeatedly done in other sports (basketball, hockey, biathlon, etc.). And in football in particular.

We’ve already done

Naturalization of foreigners is not new for the Ukrainian football. And in 90-e years of the last century, at the beginning of independent Ukrainian football, passports of citizens of our country received many ex-compatriots at the memorial to the Soviet Union.

For example, one of the strongest Midfielders in the entire history of the national team of Ukraine. Yuriy Kalitvintsev. Or tyumenets Viktor Leonenko, who now works as a TV expert. There were other Russians — Artem Yashkin, Sergey Serebrennikov, Serhiy Kormiltsev. Later, at the turn of the century, the passport of the citizen of Ukraine was received by the Belarusian Artem Milevskiy, who, however, with the 15 years he lived and trained in Kiev. They are all in one way or another contributed to the success of the national team of Ukraine.

By the way, the outflow in the opposite direction, to Moscow, was even more powerful. Sergei Yuran, Ilya Tsymbalar, Yuri Nikiforov and other Ukrainians have become iconic players in the national team of Russia, received the passports with double-headed eagle.

And this process in those years did not cause much rejection from fans on different sides of the border. But attracting under the banner of the national team of legionaries from the far abroad constantly caused a lot of criticism. Not always fair.

The Vikings advance was accused of selfish interest, greed, in that they take place in the national team of talented Ukrainians. Say, the national team of Ukraine they need only in the form of bonuses for winning to a higher price to sell themselves to a stronger club. After all, the status of the player of the national team, estimated to be football agents, raises the cost of the player on the transfer market (and his new salary) at least 20-30%.

Two weddings of Eddie and Marco

Although it would seem there could be a claim about the Brazilian Edmar (15 matches in Ukraine, 1 goal), who, before to get a new passport, for 8 years played and lived in Ukraine. Moreover, was not just a Yarmolenko and Edmar de Lacerda Galovski — marrying a Ukrainian woman Tatiana, he added the surname of his wife to his already not a short name. For friends and colleagues in the national team he is always Edward was cut of your jib!

A slightly different (and more instructive) story happened with the Serbian striker then Metalist, and now — Russian ruby) Marco Devic. The fact that at the time of adoption of the Ukrainian citizenship of the Serb really was one of the best strikers in the country. That’s just his career in the national team of Ukraine ruined a single episode. Or rather, the chain of events.

Devic few years he played for the blue-yellow (in 35 matches 7 goals) and even made history, becoming the author of the first hat-trick (3 goals in single match) in the history of the national team of Ukraine (in 2013-San Marino). Yes, a naturalized Serb! After him, this result was repeated Andriy Yarmolenko. But only repeated.

And then Marco had a fight with the head coach of the national team of Ukraine Mikhail Fomenko. Nobody knows in detail what happened between coach and player, but you can guess. Before the decisive match of the qualifying tournament for the world Cup 2014 against Montenegro in early June 2013 revealed that Devic just on the day appointed… own wedding. Nothing done without him. And Ukraine won with the score 4:0.

But since then a career Devic’s national team went into decline for more than two years he is in the team were not involved. Even when I was in good shape. Which has led fans to speculate that the foreign players will leave the national team of Ukraine at any moment, as the honor flag for them — an empty phrase. But, again, we don’t know exactly what happened between the coach Fomenko and footballer Devic.


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