Operation Vaccination. Martial law and elections

Операция Вакцинация. Военное положение и выборы

Even introduced 30 days, the military situation completely changes information agenda of the country, and hence the campaign.

The seizure of Russian border patrol three Ukrainian warships and their crews in the Kerch Strait clearly separated Ukrainian political life before and after.

30 days of martial law in ten areas — a little? A lot? At the time, actually. 24 Ukrainian sailors in feesbeshnyh prison? Panzer divisions on the Eastern side Ukrainian-Russian border? Nearly half of Parliament and two-thirds of liberal bloggers-Lomov believe that this is not a reason. for 30 days no reason to enter. Although the meaning was still the same — manifest the driving forces of the Ukrainian political kitchen, they tested the ideological fighters. The society begins to produce a healthy immunity against possible revenge, says Valery Litvinski in No. 23 of the Journal Correspondent.

Kerch Maritime incident successfully survived the scandal in Parliament around the introduction of martial law, the G-20 summit and smoothly went to the Christmas holidays. The seizure of Russian border patrol three Ukrainian warships and their crews in the Kerch Strait clearly separated Ukrainian political life before and after. Tomos? Drawn ratings? Funny and husks. Once it became clear the who, where and how.

Not a particularly great look and those who were for and those who were against. Only those who were “for” opposing Russian propaganda, and those who were “against” and talks about “provocations in the name of disrupting elections,” by a strange coincidence was on the same side with Russia Today TV, even the vocabulary used. And all because the prospects for March 31 and October 27 fog your brain and fray nerves.


Initially, the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) has proposed to impose martial law for 60 days on whole territory of Ukraine. That is the initiative of the national security Council endorsed and submitted to Parliament by the President. But Parliament found that there is a risk of transfer of presidential elections, is to launch a campaign expressly prohibited during the trip. The term was reduced to 30 days, and at the same time geographically was limited to ten in border regions. Election campaign, as expected, starts on 31 December and the vote will take place on 31 March 2019 for this, the Verkhovna Rada voted separately, but in a package with the law on the introduction of the EP.

Petro Poroshenko, of course, 120% used the situation, saying that the period of martial law had been halved on purpose, to stop speculation on the subject of the postponement of the elections. The opponents were a little bit in the negligee and on one Board with the guys from RT TV, which used exactly the same arguments against the VP — “the threat of the young Ukrainian democracy.”

Victory has a hundred fathers, defeat only an orphan. Therefore critics of the President say that he suffered in the Parliament fiasco. And supporters of Poroshenko argue that the trading around the EP parameters revealed the essence of the Pro-Russian opponents. And anyway, what the President acted on the principle “I want to own — ask for more.”

The most high-profile case against Poroshenko — and why, say, right now. It repeated about two out of three experts, politicians, bloggers, citizens. In fact, despite the relevance of question the reason on the surface. For the first time in nearly five years of war was a direct military clash of the armed forces of Ukraine in particular with the armed forces under the Russian flag, even with the border ships. Even in Moscow, this fact does not deny and not talk about “little green men”, “vacationers”, “militia” and the purchase of a Beech at the px. If Kiev has not responded in meaningful ways, all the allies could absolutely calmly wash his hands — “good to protect you, if you are not ready to defend itself.”

Операция Вакцинация. Военное положение и выборы

Poroshenko in Parliament during the vote for martial law

Parliamentary quarrel gave him a chance to prove themselves the Radical party and Batk_vshchina, which managed for several hours to block consideration of the issue. But not for long. Because since the launch of the EAP, the picture has changed totally.


Even introduced 30 days, the military situation completely changes information agenda of the country, and hence the campaign. It is clear that changes in favor of the current government, because it has more responsibility and authority significantly more. Yulia Tymoshenko and other opposition leaders before the election were ready to play on their favorite topics — increasing utility bills, the new gas prices, “suborn” and the list goes on. But now all this pales into insignificance before the threat to national security. And, in addition to the President, and no one really. And can not be otherwise — owing to continuing for the fifth year circumstances.

And here there is not enough power of tact and sense of proportion: she has already begun an information campaign about the readiness to repulse the enemy, and on the activities in the framework of a military plan to report every day — here’s reservists trainings, that’s exemplary posts. Here’s the main border guard with the statement, “Russian men through the checkpoints do not pass”. But his subordinates, that his own Department to write that nothing terrible will take place if their good intentions will prove.

And yet the military situation, of course, polarizes the population, those who support it and those against it. Opponents are guided by former regionals, and it’s a real gift to the revenge — seekers, now they can combine and mobilize their voters around the theme of opposition to the military position. Here only a single candidate from this political camp is not — for every Yuriy Boyko will find your Eugene Moore, Alexander Vilkul, or even partly Vladimir Zelensky with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. Supporters of martial law are guided by Poroshenko, who has positioned himself as the spokesman of ideas of this part of society, completely rebuild in this sense, Tymoshenko and Lyashko, and from the other “second-go”. Why managed to build up? And the opponents and helped on 26 November, during the trade regarding the law on EP.

Операция Вакцинация. Военное положение и выборы


Yulia Tymoshenko in Parliament


Not particularly active in commenting on the topic of martial law and the aggression of Russia Anatoly Gritsenko. Although it would seem, Colonel and former defense Minister, on the contrary, in this sphere must be as a fish in water. But when you consider that the question of the Colonel, who does not go to the front, then everything falls into place. Instead, the ex-Minister continues his tour of the peaceful regions of Ukraine. He reminded himself about the incident in Odessa, where unidentified assailants attacked the team of the future presidential candidate. Gritsenko, of course, immediately found a customer incident pointed fingers at Poroshenko. Arguments, however, was not given, but this is not so important. In General, the campaign starts dirty. And not because of the EP — just taken from us. The closer to the election, the greater of such excesses will, especially with those candidates whose actual ratings are close to the statistical error.

More serious consequences the incident happened in Georgia. They detained six Ukrainians, some of them members of the ATU associated with the volunteer battalion Donbass. The former head of the battalion semen Semenchenko said that he came to Georgia with his colleagues to see my friends-colleagues, with whom we fought together in the East of Ukraine. Here just visit this coincided with a massive campaign of opposition, and the twinned Semenchenko allegedly by the Georgian police allegedly found a weapon. The Deputy himself free and says that his fighters were tripped, but in Ukraine already began to spread information that “gang Semenchenko” came to destabilize the situation in Georgia. The scandal, whether real or fictional adventures of former commander hurting the party Samopomich, which he represents in Parliament, and its leader Andriy Sadovyi, who may run for President.

Without provocation, but very creatively preparing for elections chief dark horse of this campaign Vladimir Zelensky, who also is the leader of the party actively promoted the servant of the people. Oh, sorry, is he so advertises a new season of his PBS series, servant of the people, do not think unnecessary. Whatever it was, and the country was covered with billboards that says the President is the servant of the people, tour the cities and universities at the beginning of 2019.

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Publication of Vladimir Zelensky (@zelenskiy_official) November 26, 2018 at 3:31 PST

Add confidence Zelensky and good news, which rejoices in the one who called his patron, the businessman and eks-the shareholder of PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky. In his recent interview Kolomoisky is not particularly hide that he likes the political ambitions Zelensky, as well as the status of one of favourites of presidential race Yulia Tymoshenko. And the good news for Igor is that he may soon return from exile in Geneva to Ukraine.

In any case, the reason is. London’s high court lifted the world with the arrest of the assets of businessman superimposed on the suit now managed by the state Privat. The claim was rejected, and the judgement is something written about the questions about the reliability of the submitted banking lawyers information. In General, the story about Igor and his companions extraordinary twists. So extraordinary that it would not have had to carry out denationalization.


Although the campaign has not yet officially begun, it’s really going to swing. Tymoshenko, for example, hung on the country billboards with the promise to reduce the price of gas doubled. Just as it is written. However, it happened to the Kerch accident. But the place is paid for, printed boards — here and hang throughout the country, competing with even more absurd promises… lower the price three times.

Операция Вакцинация. Военное положение и выборы

Political advertising Tymoshenko

That’s right, and written promise three times lower. Placed the billboards, the people’s Deputy Sergey Kaplin. Who is this? Ex-member of the PPB faction in Parliament, though he stood on the majority district, not on the party list. Subsequently, the leader of the so-called party of the common people, now Social democratic. As a real presidential candidate to consider it not worth it, but for trolling Yulia Tymoshenko and the depreciation of its slogans, it is quite useful. Although it would seem like the more you can depreciate the slogan with the promise of two times to reduce the price of gas. Make a promise to reduce the price four times! Need more trash. Really, what is there martial law, when such ideas disappear.