OPORA: the elections were not serious violations

Опора: На выборах не было серьезных нарушений

The elections were held without major violations

As of 20:00 the voter turnout was 48.2%.

Observers of the civil network OPORA has not recorded significant violations at the local elections in Ukraine held on October 29, reported on the organization’s website.

“In General, OPORA observers note that directly that they had not observed significant violations that could affect the results of elections on sites”, – stated in the message.

However, observers warn of minor violations, 13.6% of the PEC, and also say that on the part of precinct election commissions was ensured unhindered conditions for the supervision of all electoral procedures.

“At the final stage of the voting process, the dynamics of electoral violations remains,” – noted in the Support.

According to the organization, at the time of end of voting, the key issue is the issuance of ballots to voters without presenting passports – despite the fact that the number of incidents has decreased, compared to the first half of the day and was 3.3% (data obtained from a representative number of polling stations).

“In the same way as in the previous reporting period, as of 20:00, OPORA’s observers found cases of violation of the secrecy of the vote by 0.8% of polling stations. During the day of voting observers in the future, record in various fields of the facts of errors and inaccuracies in the ballot papers, which are primarily a result of the irresponsible attitude of the PEC to perform their duties”, say the observers.

They add that the election Commission properly respond to cases of presence of unauthorized persons in areas identified by the observers at polling station in Vinnytsia, Rivne and Lugansk regions. “Officials and MPs, who often appear in such incidents, abuse their status and authority, committing the wrongful acts and provoking the Commission to disregard the committed violations of the electoral legislation”, – stated in the message.

At the end of the voting day there were also anecdotal reports from observers on the transportation of voters to the polling stations (Kharkiv and Zaporizhia region).

According to observers, it’s not technically a violation of the law, however, cannot guarantee observance of the principle of equality of candidates. “Unfortunately, in all such cases, law enforcement officers did not resort to active actions with the purpose of clarification of circumstances of incident”, – adds Support.

According to observers, as of 20:00 the voter turnout in the 201 United community, where on October 29 held the first local elections was 48.2% of the total number of voters.

Recall, 29 October in Ukraine held the first elections of deputies of village, settlement, city councils and village, settlement and city heads in 201 of the United territorial community

The police opened two criminal proceedings during the voting in the local elections on 29 October.