Opponents of the LGBT March in Odessa, raided the construction site

Противники ЛГБТ-марша в Одессе громили стройку

During the incident, smashed the fence of the construction site, tore down the banner that it was covered and dropped from the second floor of the mixer.

Opponents of equality March in Odessa, demolished the fence of the construction site near the house-walls in the Vorontsov lane, after they failed to disrupt the LGBT campaign and their opponents took the bus. It is reported by the Duma.

The newspaper reported that opponents of the March broke into the construction site, demolished a fence, tore the banner covering the building, and thrown off the second floor of the mixer.

It is noted that the controversial construction of the Odessa house-walls in the Vorontsov lane resumed in June. Who owns the one-story structure next to the house wall, a top Manager and a relative of the owner of the Investment Bank Ilona Kolesnichenko gathered documents for construction in 2007-2008. She decided to build a mansion, the appearance of which would destroy the visual effect that made the famous building in the Vorontsov lane.

The public learned of plans of construction, raised a huge scandal. In the result, the project was redesigned and the developer has undertaken to put in order the facade of the attraction.

However, this has not reassured the residents, who continue to insist on the complete prohibition of any construction in the immediate vicinity of the house-wall. Until recently, work was stopped by decision of the municipality.

The Odessa city Council will check the legality of building of coastal slopes

We will remind, in Odessa on August 13, held a March for equality. Because opponents of LGBT marches, the route of the March had to be changed. The marchers were accompanied by police officers.