Opposition bloc demands release of Ephraim from custody

"Оппозиционный блок" требует освободить Ефремова из-под стражи

“The opposition bloc” demands to release Yefremov on bail. This is stated in the statement of the party.

“The opposition bloc” protests against the decision of the Pechersk court, extending the term of arrest of Alexander Efremov for another two months. This case has nothing to do with justice and terrorism is aimed at settling scores with political opponents. We demand to end this charade and release of opposition politician”, – said in a statement.

The statement noted that the Pechersk court “was not the slightest reason to retain the current measure for Ephraim”.

“The whole investigation clearly shows that he is innocent of the charges presented by the Prosecutor General’s office. It is far-fetched, “the case of separatism” – the only reason for PR management of the GPU. The court had no reason to extend the arrest, the more that the deputies of the Opposition bloc were willing to vouch for Alexander Efremov. The fact that the court did not take into account the obvious facts, nor the guarantee of people’s deputies, shows that the court is a political order of power. Almost five days of the trial and a total of seven minutes spent by a judge on the taking and writing solution is a public and shameless samosamnina judges,” – said in a statement.

“The Opposition bloc” claim that the case was fabricated, and witnesses and suspects intimidated.

“Almost five days – trial are definitely the torture that is sure to be proven in the European court of human rights. Terror, intimidation, abuse of power is all that the Prosecutor can present to the third anniversary of the beginning of the Maidan. Questions about the events on the Maidan, the Crimea, the mass murder of people in Odessa were left without answer. Cage and lie is all arguments “otremontirovanny” of law enforcement, which is clearly evident in the “case” of Ephraim. We Express our protest against the fabrication of criminal cases against Oleksandr Yefremov, torture and intimidation of participants of process, unreasonable, inhumane and illegal detention. His detention and the continuation of the term of such taking is the result of fraud case,” – said in a statement.

Opposition bloc urged the authorities to stop “bullying, fraud and torture” against Ephraim.