Orthodox Christians celebrate palm Sunday

Православные христиане отмечают Вербное воскресенье

Ukraine celebrates palm Sunday

In a festive day and the night before the believers in the churches distribute palm branches blossoming.

Orthodox Christians celebrate palm Sunday − the feast of the Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, which traditionally occurs the week before Easter, and is preceded by a Triduum.

The entry of Christ into Jerusalem is one of the main events of the last days of the earthly life of the Savior, which describe the four evangelists.

In their narrative, Jesus before his last visit to the ancient city had raised the righteous Lazarus, who lived in the village of Bethany, and died four days before the arrival of the Lord.

The news of this miracle quickly spread through the neighborhood, and when Christ a few days rode on a young donkey into Jerusalem, people welcomed him as a king.

Then, after the resurrection of Lazarus, the chief priests and Pharisees made the final decision to kill Jesus.

A few days after the citizens solemnly met Christ, he was crucified.

On palm Sunday, like the night before, believers handed out in churches blossoming willow branches. They replace the palm branches that welcomed the Lord at Jerusalem.

Sanctified this day in the service of willow has got to keep throughout the year and to decorate the icons in the house.

Palm Sunday 2019: traditions and superstitions of the holiday

We will remind, this year Easter is celebrated on April 28.

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