Orthodox Christians celebrate palm Sunday

Православные христиане отмечают Вербное воскресенье

Orthodox Church marks on Sunday one of the twelve major feasts of the Entry into Jerusalem, or palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday traditionally begins the week before Easter, anticipating the next six days the most strict fasting – the Holy week (the week) when the Church recalls the suffering and death of the Savior. In this day and also the night before Lazarus Saturday, believers handed out in churches sanctified willow branch in Ukraine they replace the palm branches that welcomed the Lord at Jerusalem.

The entry of Christ into Jerusalem is one of the main events of the last days of the earthly life of Jesus Christ, which describe the four evangelists.

According to the Scriptures, the Savior, before his last visit to the ancient city had raised the righteous Lazarus, who lived in the village of Bethany, and died four days before the arrival of the Lord. The news of this miracle quickly spread through the neighborhood, and when Christ is in a few days, rode on a young donkey into Jerusalem, people welcomed him as a king, paving his path with their garments and palm branches. Then, after the resurrection of Lazarus, the chief priests and Pharisees made the final decision to kill Jesus.

The week before Easter all churches takes place the ceremony of consecration of willow branches. Leaving the Church on palm Sunday, people each other easily touched the vine, saying, “I did Not beat, willow beats, next week is Easter.”

Easter is a transitional holiday, and its date for each year is calculated on a lunar-solar calendar. The faithful of the Western rite in this year, Easter fell on April 5, and from the believers of the East on the 12th.