Orthopedic and anatomical mattresses to guard our sleep

Ортопедические и анатомические матрасы на страже нашего сна

Today, Russia is experiencing a real boom box bedroom accessories in this category are in high demand among the majority of citizens of our country. This is not surprising, as during Soviet times, a good mattress was not just a shortage of such goods in everyday life are simply not there. Stores offer the buyer a soft mattress with dependent springs, which do not contribute to correct posture and support of body during sleep.

At the beginning of zero years the situation with mattresses has changed dramatically – first, the Russian market was flooded by the quite expensive mattresses from England, France, Italy and Germany. It was a so-called orthopaedic mattresses with independent springs, which at that time was considered a real novelty. However, not all citizens had the means to become the owner of such a gorgeous place to stay. And only with the development of domestic production of bedding quality mattress has turned from a luxury to a constant attribute home bedroom.

Today marketing experts subdivide all the mattresses on the two large – class orthopedic and anatomical products. For orthopedic products include mattresses with independent spring unit with the ability to effectively support the body during sleep. These products contribute to the formation of good health, a positive effect on the musculoskeletal apparatus. The concept of “anatomic mattresses” appeared relatively recently, together with the penetration of the Russian market of unique material eterson, sometimes referred to as “Memorex”. This is an interesting development at the time were used by NASA for the manufacture of seats of spacecraft. The uniqueness of atellana is the ability to repeat the contours of the body with minimal heating, and after cooling to return to its original shape.

One of the first Russian manufacturers who realize the potential of atellana as filler for mattresses, was the company Promtex-Orient. This mattress factory has produced a series springless mattresses Monolith Memori, filler which was a combination of memorise and coir. As a result, the buyer has at its disposal an elastic mattress, pressure-relieving muscular system during the holidays. Such know-how has been rapidly adopted in the domestic mattress market, and today anatomic mattresses, along with their orthopaedic “colleagues” topped the sales rankings.