OSCE: Both sides put weapons in residential areas

ОБСЕ: Обе стороны размещают оружие в жилых зонах

Observers recorded the protest of the residents of Donbass against the digging of trenches and dugouts APU.

Weapons in residential areas settlements are placed under the control of separatists and the Ukrainian government territories.

This was stated by first Deputy head of Special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander Hg at a press briefing in Kyiv.

“Last week, the observers recorded 43 units of weapons, placed “a violation of the respective withdrawal lines” – 24 to 19 in the controlled and uncontrolled government areas,” he said.

According to huga, July 29 drone mission recorded a 122-mm mortar, controlled by the DNI Microline trudovs’ka Petrovsky district in Donetsk.

“At a distance of only 350 m from the residential area the mortar is a direct threat to local residents, because the inevitable is to fire in response…Not surprising that we fix a lot of victims among the civilian population in this area”, – he noted and added that the separatists tried to conceal them from observers.

According to the Deputy head of mission from may 6, only in the district trudovs’ka killed three and injured 20 people and SMM patrols were subject to restrictions in his work with the DNR.

“The so-called DPR is not the only one who puts weapons in residential areas and near them,” said hug.

In proof of his words, he showed the image captured, according to him, the drone of the SMM on 20 July of the current year.

“There are two mortar shells near a residential area in government-controlled village of sand,” said hug.

He also said that observers recorded the protest controlled by the Ukrainian authorities of the village Sopino in the Donetsk region against the trenches and dugouts of the military in their village.

“People who make decisions to place power, money and positions in residential areas, refuse to dissolve even in the three agreed areas, namely near the Village, Luhansk, Petrovskogo and Gold”, – concluded the hug.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in the OSCE’s saili that from the beginning of 2017 at the Donbass killed 59 civilians, 282 wounded.

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