OSCE during the day, I counted 63 of the explosion on the Donbass

ОБСЕ за сутки насчитала 63 взрыва на Донбассе

The OSCE mission reported on the situation in the Donbass

Observers Special monitoring mission SMM OSCE on Donbass in days fixed 52 explosions in Donetsk oblast and 11 in Luhansk.

Special monitoring mission of OSCE on Donbass for the period from 19:30 on 15 March at 19:30 on 16 March has recorded 63 of the explosion. This is stated in the report of the organization on March 17.

“In the Donetsk region, the SMM observed a rise in the number of violations of the cease-fire, when compared with the previous reporting period, at the same time fixing a smaller number of explosions (roughly 52 against approximately 140)”, – observers reported.

In the Luhansk region, the OSCE mission noted a decrease in the number of violations of the cease-fire, however, having recorded more explosions (11), when compared with the previous reporting period (7 bombings).

In particular, on 16 March, in government-controlled Pavlopil’, observers heard 11 explosions of uncertain origin on an unspecified distance to the North-East, East, East-South-East and South-East.

“The SMM continued to monitor the breeding process of forces and means and try to obtain unrestricted access to areas of cultivation in the regions of the settlement the Village Lugansk, the settlement of gold and the settlement of Petrovskoe… Access SMM remained limited, however, observers were able to monitor some parts of these areas,” – said the OSCE.

The OSCE almost a year to get to the village near Donetsk

Earlier, the OSCE reported that the level of violence in the Donbas declined by 82%.

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