OSCE has recorded the separatists new weapon

ОБСЕ зафиксировала у сепаратистов новое оружие

UAV observation mission found 18 howitzers, 775 boxes of ammunition and shells as well as reactive systems of volley fire Grad.

Representatives of the OSCE recorded the presence of the separatists in the Donbass 18 towing howitzers and almost 775 boxes of ammunition and shells. This was in the night of Tuesday, August 14, reported in a mission.

In the official report for Monday August 13 reported that on 10 August in the area North of the village of Crystal with the help of the unmanned aerial vehicle was fixed finding 18 towing howitzers (eight 2А36 Giatsint-B 152 mm and ten 2A65 Msta-B 152 mm), “beyond the allocated storage locations of weapons not controlled by the Ukrainian government districts of Luhansk region”.

Representatives of the OSCE SMM to note that the same drone at another site of the separatists found a mobile reconnaissance item (PRP-4 Nard) and 775 boxes of ammunition, and 118 boxes of shells MLRS (BM-21).

The OSCE special monitoring mission confirms the presence of adduction of the arms, however, observers drones long-range record to the North of the settlement Crystal jet systems of volley fire (MLRS, BM-21 Grad, 122-mm), which is a violation of the withdrawal lines.

Also on August 11 observers was recorded 4 MLRS (BM-21) settlement novoamvrosiivs’ke.

The mission stressed that members of illegal armed groups systematically hinder the work of observers, forbid them access to the monitoring objects.

It is also noted that the separatists, taking advantage of the “truce” hard to bring in the Donbass weapons and ammunition.

Earlier, the drone of the OSCE found four new electronic warfare systems of the Russian production.

Also, a few days ago the OSCE showed a convoy of trucks moving from Russia to the Donbass.


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