OSCE In the Donbass almost three thousand weapons not taken away

ОБСЕ: На Донбассе почти три тысячи неотведенных вооружений

Alexander Hug

On both sides of the quantity not taken away the weapons about the same, say in the mission.

The OSCE mission since the beginning of the 2017 fixed in the Donbass almost three thousand not taken away the weapons. This was stated by first Deputy head of the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE Alexander Hg in an interview with Business capital.

“It is important to mention that from the beginning of 2017 in General, we observed almost 3,000 weapons in places where it shouldn’t be. If these weapons were designated for the due lines, the majority of the more than 300 victims among the civilian population, which we have confirmed with the beginning of the year, would not be injured or would not have died”, he said.

In addition, the BBC said that on both sides of the quantity not taken away the weapons about the same.

“Once again I would like to emphasize that this does not happen that one side just waiting for the other deploys tanks and mortars. Almost always, power and technique (on both sides), approximately the same amount. If this were not so, we would have observed a change of the contact line. And in this case, it is static, because on both sides is almost the same number of forces and equipment,” he said.

The BBC also added that the parties to the conflict in the Donbas continues to refuse to provide the OSCE mission full access for a full assessment of their presence.

Earlier the BBC reported that since the announcement “of the school truce” on Donbass there were more than 600 violations of the cease-fire.