OSCE: Military APU killed a man in Happiness

ОБСЕ: Военные ВСУ убили мужчину в Счастье

Ukrainian soldiers shot a man in the Luhansk region

As a result of the shelling of Ukrainian military man has got wounds from which has died.

In the city Happiness of the Luhansk region the Ukrainian military personnel September 6, shot a man, who later died in hospital from blood loss. It is stated in the report, the OSCE Mission on Tuesday, October 3.

According to the report, an officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine in the government-controlled town of Starobilsk, informed the observers that September 6, at the intersection of the human bridge in the Happiness he got shot.

“According to the medical staff of the hospital in Happiness, September 6 personnel of the Armed forces of Ukraine were delivered to a man who died from severe blood loss. Health care providers also added that the man had three gunshot wounds to the lower body,” – said the OSCE.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in the OSCE stated that the Minsk agreement violated by both sides. The number of attacks on Donbassa 29 and 30 September decreased in comparison with the previous period.